5 Evil Mastermind Archetypes That INTJs Love

5 Evil Mastermind Archetypes INTJs Love Last week, we talked about why INTJs love the villain, but it's wrong to assume that INTJs like villains because INTJs lack morals. Instead, because INTJs tend to view everything as part of a system, including people, any analysis of a plot or movie comes from a systemic point [...]

5 Reasons INTJs Love the Villain

5 Reasons INTJs Love The Villain (Updated) Picture this. You're at a small gathering of friends. You've all discovered that you have two things in common: you're all INTJs, and you've all been given super powers. The discussion in the room centers on how to best use your super powers in a way that will [...]

INTJ Music Playlist #16: Evil Mastermind

INTJ Music Playlist #16 Evil Mastermind If there is ever a time to celebrate your INTJ evil mastermind, it's October. Although we're not encouraging real evil, our INTJ Music Playlist #16, Evil Mastermind, gets you in the spooky spirit. Scroll down, or listen to the full playlist here. Everybody Wants to Rule the World - [...]

The INTJ Mastermind Series Part 1: The Mastermind Mindset

The INTJ Mastermind Series Part 1: The Mastermind Mindset According to Google, the word mastermind can be either a noun or a verb. It is defined as a person with outstanding intellect (noun); or, as a verb, the ability to plan and direct a complex scheme or enterprise. It should come as no surprise then that [...]

INTJ October Music Playlist 4: Evil Mastermind

INTJs are often portrayed as villains in popular media. Although we INTJs feel misunderstood because of this, it’s easy to see why others might not appreciate our cognition style. INTJ future sight and planning, combined with a decision-making rationale that eliminates unnecessary sentimentality, makes the INTJ well suited to carry out all sorts of seemingly [...]