Uttori Fashion: Rebel in Winter Four Cold Weather Don’t Care Fashion Looks

Uttori Fashion: Rebel in Winter Four Cold Weather Don't Care Fashion Looks: The weather outside might be frightful, but that doesn't mean that your fashion has to be. Don't get me wrong, I love an oversize sweater, and big, comfy sweatpants are a gift from the heavens above; but winter fashion, and I'm talking the cozy, hygge, introvert life kind of fashion, doesn't have to mean frumpy.

Introvert Fashion: Cozy Couture Look 4

Introvert Fashion: Cozy Couture Look 4 Introvert fashion cozy couture look 4 is our final cozy couture. One of my favorite cozy couture staples, especially in the winter time, is the sweater. Not revolutionary, I know, but sometimes you can’t beat the classics. The best thing is, if your sweater is oversized (the best kind [...]

How to Hygge

How to Hygge? Ever wondered how to hygge? Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of this concept. If you have not, let me assure you that hygge is not the latest dance craze. In fact, hygge is the absolute opposite of craziness; rather, the term is meant to convey the feeling [...]

Introvert Life: Cozy Couture Look 3

Introvert Life: Cozy Couture Look 3 2017 is all about personalization (see the 2017 INTJ fashion trends report), so today’s introvert life cozy couture look 3 is one that I’ve personalized with a touch of Chanel. That’s right, this dress is actually a fairly cheap (and very comfortable) one from Zara, that I’ve couture-ified (not [...]

Introvert Life: My Netflix Cozy Life Movie Playlist

  Since this month is all about cozy couture (and fit fashion), I thought it would be fun to share some viewing selections for an introvert's perfect “Netflix and chill” evening. These movies aren’t particularly tailored to the INTJ mindset. They're not classics or must-see. They're simply movies or shows that I’ve watched recently and [...]

Introvert Life: What to Winter Wear 3

Today’s cozy couture dress isn’t made from terribly comfortable fabric, it’s linen; but something about the simplicity of the fabric and the shape of the dress makes me feel old timey and comfortable. While I am a fashion loving INTJ, I am also a comfort and casual loving INTJ. That’s why I wanted to highlight [...]