Introvert Life – Workout Style, 2017 Fitness Look 3

Introvert Life - Workout Style, 2017 Fitness Look 3 This fit fashion look was a bit of a challenge to style, not because of the outfit itself, but because I couldn't decide which fit fashion jacket to wear. Originally, the choice was about which jacket would complete the look, but the weather on the day [...]

Introvert Life – New Year’s Fashion Look 5

I hope everyone had a great Christmas (if you celebrate it). Today’s New Year's Eve look calls back to the glamor of old Hollywood. The main inspiration was from Burberry’s Winter 2017 fashion show. Burberry highlighted dark colors, metallics, wools, and heavy patterns and textures. I tried to recreate this look, with clothes I already [...]

Introvert Life – New Year’s Fashion Look 4

Introvert Life - New Year's Fashion Look 4 Today’s New Year’s Eve look screams, "Happy New Year!" The unapologetically tomboyish oversized jersey gives the dress an athletic, cool vibe, which makes it perfect for INTJs. Oh, and it's comfortable enough that you can actually eat a meal and toast the holidays without worrying about ruining [...]

Introvert Life – Christmas Fashion Look 3

Today’s holiday look is the epitome of Christmas to me. We typically associate red and green with Christmas but, for me, this white and gold combo brings out the heart of Christmas. The white reflects the golden Christmas lights, or am I getting too poetic? Anyway, putting a sheer skirt under a solid colored dress [...]

Introvert Life – New Year’s Fashion Look 1

Introvert Life - New Year's Fashion Look 1 It’s officially December, so it’s time to kick off our holiday fashion styles for INTJ Femme Dangels. I know INTJs are introverts who would rather stay home, but when you must get out, then go all out. Because INTJ females have such powerful imaginations, we tend to [...]

Always Uttori Fall-i-Day Look 7

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to talk holiday fashion. Yeah. Holiday fashion. Holiday fashion is just one more in a long list of mehs that introverts (and especially INTJs) find stressful about this so-called season of cheer. After all, this is the one time of the year that you get pictures taken of [...]