Spring Transition Fashion: Ciao Punk (Lady Punk)

Fashion and INTJ cognition style blogger, I’mari Avey models spring transition fashion.
Spring Transition Fashion: Ciao Punk (Lady Punk)

It’s finally here, the last look in our spring transition fashion, and the last look for our new punk series. I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic for this last new punk look. After all, we’ve taken punk from Gothic to Victorian, and from preppy to this, our final spring transition look: Lady.

What? Lady? Yeah. Punk be a lady this time around.  So, what is Lady Punk? Can it really be defined as a “style”? I think it has enough distinctive elements to at least consider the look as a bona fide style. Lady Punk is about taking a single, oh-so-refined element, such as the lacy top, and adding a just a hint of edge. We’re not talking pearls and thick kohl liner, that’s already been done by Madonna, and she did it well.  With Always Uttori Lady Punk, we take the same shirt from Ciao Bella Winter and add a cropped bomber jacket, zippered skinny jeans, and a pair of fashion military boots. The contrast of refinement and rebel mesh together to yield a look that lands somewhere between punkishly rebellious and sugary spice. Lady Punk allows you to “cop an attitude” and then calmly return to tea.

Oh For Fashion’s Sake!

Jacket: Forever 21

Shirt: TicToc

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Shoe Republic LA


New Punk: Lady Punk, photo 3. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey.Spring Transition Fashion: Ciao Punk (Lady Punk). Alwaysuttori.com