Lady in the Red Knitted Dove Cardigan

This outfit is about the cardigan. The jewels do all the talking so you don’t have to. This look is classic INTJ . What’s INTJ about it? It’s nothing more than a white tee-shirt with white shorts. It’s basic. Simple. Simple. Simple. The red cardigan pulls it all together and provides a hint of polish. Oh, and can’t forget the shoes. Tartan has been on trend over the past two Christmas seasons. I have some Scottish ancestry – though this isn’t my family tartan. They were a gift from my INFJ mom . . . or, mum, whichever you prefer. Anyway, even if it’s a fashion faux pas to be so matchy-match, I still couldn’t resist pairing the two.

Sweater: Knitted Dove
Shirt: H &M
Shorts: Express
Shoes: Bamboo
Sunglasses: Prada



Girl on Stairs




  1. Patricia Wafer says:

    I think the outfit is simple but beautiful. Love the shoes, too.

    1. Always Uttori says:


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