Introvert Life: 2016 New Year’s Eve Lookbook

Always Uttori 2016 New Year’s Fashion Lookbook

Introvert Life: 2016 New Year’s Eve Lookbook

It’s finally here! Our New Year’s Eve Fashion Lookbook for 2016. This is our first attempt at producing something of this nature, and if it were not for the talented Chiin_ferno, also known as my little brother, Christian Avey, I don’t know if we could have gotten the editing done. It was he who turned what seemed to be to a group of blurred, problematic clips into a viable video. We love you, Christian. Thank you!

Hopefully, you can see past the mistakes to the fun holiday looks, and find something that you like. Information on the fashion will be released throughout the month. Remember, for introverts, a new year is not about going out to be seen, it’s about you living your life and dressing yourself the way you want, whether you’re attending a “gala” or staying in beside a nice, warm fire, dressed in sequins and silver.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays!

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