Got Royal Fever? We’ve Got You Covered!

Harry and Megahan. Photo Credit: Chris Jackson. Getty Images.
Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/ Getty Images

Tomorrow, Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle tie the knot. As a multi-racial girl, who is also a bit of an anglophile, I couldn’t be more excited to witness this historic event. In honor of the upcoming nuptials, we’ve rounded up Always Uttori articles inspired by both Meghan Markle and the Netflix Original Series, The Crown. From royal fashion inspiration to INTJ princess etiquette, we’ve got just the tea for your royal fever.

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The Royal Roundup

In Royal Fashion | The Modern Princess | Classic Royal

Classic Modern Princess, Feat. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. In Royal Fashion | The Modern Princess | Classic Royal.

My Princess Theory is that being a princess is a cultural concept that can be used to create a culturally viable identity.  Those who follow the identity rules are the “in” crowd; those who don’t are out. This is especially true when it comes to modern fairy tales, a la Disney.  While giving females a concept of self, the Disney princess adds just one or two elements that are unattainable so that no one can ever quite be that ideal. Continue reading…


In Royal Fashion | The Classic Princess | Lord Byron

Classic Royals 1. Photo Credit: Royal Fashion | The Modern Princess | Lord Byron

These days, we tend to think of princesses as pretty girls in frilly dresses, and maybe even damsels in need of rescue. That’s really not the case for real life princesses. As stated earlier, Queen Elizabeth joined the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service during the height of World War II. To date she is the only female member of the British Royal family to have served in the military, and the only living head of state to have served in World War II. She has lived her life, not as someone who needs saving, but as the first to step up and volunteer when her country is in need. Continue reading…


In Royal Fashion | The Modern Princess | Princess or the Pauper

The Princess and the Pauper. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. n Royal Fashion | The Modern Princess | Princess or the Pauper.

The independence of the INTJ mindset may better protect INTJ females from what is known as Princess Syndrome. Princess Syndrome isn’t a real medical condition, more like a colloquial classification. It has two connotations: In terms of dating, a girl who is a “princess” type, is entitled, superficial, vain and so on. Continue reading…


In Royal Fashion| The Classic Princess| Oh, Margaret!

Oh, Margaret! L2, P2. The Crown Editorial. Photo Credit: Always In Royal Fashion| The Classic Princess| Oh Margaret

The many responsibilities of her roles as a wife, mother, and monarch during this time, meant that Queen Elizabeth had to be many things to many people. Her style during this period reflects those requirements, as it had to be at least one of three things: classic, ornamental, or practical. Continue reading…


In Royal Fashion | The Modern Princess | Ruffed and Ready

Ruffed and Ready Princess Fashion. Photo Credit: In Royal Fashion | The Princess | Ruffed and Ready. Always Uttori.

As for me, I find the relationship inspiring, not because I want to be a princess, but because every girl should be able to see herself as one, and should not feel barred from such imagining based on something as superficial as skin tone. With this new royal marriage, young girls will now be able to see themselves in a real-life princess! (Or royal duchess, depending upon the title to be conferred). Continue reading…


In Royal Fashion | The Classic Princess | Sandringham

Sandringham P1. Photo Credit: Always Uttori. In Royal Fashion | The Classic Princess | Sandringham. Alwaysuttoricom

We often think of the homes of the wealthy, or the well-known, as being reflective of their wealth only. Yet, Sandringham, though privately owned by the Windsors, offers us more than just a sense of the history and wealth of the royal family; it is also a guide to how modern royals live. Sandringham is not only for the Royal family’s enjoyment, but is also open to the public. Continue reading…


In Royal Fashion | The Modern Princess | Rebel in a Tiara

The Rebel Princess, Feature

Queen Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen, put the sentiment this way, “Though the sex to which I belong is considered weak, you will nevertheless find me a rock that bends to no wind.” It is an INTJ female sentiment if ever there was one. Continue reading…


How to Be a Modern Princess: Etiquette for the INTJ Princess

Charmed 5. Photo Credit: Always Uttori. How to Be a Modern Princess: Etiquette for the INTJ Princess.

In this day and age, etiquette, and to be clear I’m speaking of the proper sort, is well past being a dying art form. There are any number of reasons for the death of social niceties, most of which get trotted out on a consistent basis for these types of articles, so I won’t repeat them here. Continue reading…


Always Uttori Presents: An Afternoon Tea in Hong Kong

Afternoon tea is served in the Hotel’s lobby, which is awash in historical opulence, almost as if you were transported back to the 1920’s, if only hotel guests weren’t walking around in expensive track suits. Being in the lobby certainly made for great people watching. Continue reading…


We hope these articles have helped to calm some of your royal fever symptoms, or perhaps inspire more of them. If nothing else, we hope you have enjoyed this retrospective roundup. See everyone in June!