Always Uttori New Year | Bardot Black

Bardot in Black. Photo Credit: Always Uttori. Always Uttori New Year | Bardot Black.
Always Uttori New Year | Bardot Black

Yikes, Christmas is Monday, and you know what that means. . . it’s time to begin thinking about the New Year. Before we get into resolutions, vision boards, and intentions, let’s just slow down and think about the fun stuff.  No, I don’t mean Benedict Cumberbatch reviving his role as Dr. Strange in the 2018 Avengers : Infinity War movie, nor am I talking about food. Instead, I’m talking about fashion. Oh, what? INTJ females don’t like fashion? Pshaw! Like it or not, we’re stuck with fashion as a social affectation, so we might as well add it to our checklist of things to do well. Whether you like fashion, or not, there are times when fashion can be fun. New Year’s celebration fashion is one of those times when fashion goes from the mundane to letting all of your Ni out. New Year’s Eve looks span the range from refined to outrageously fringed and sequined. So, I encourage you to have fun with your New Year’s fashion, even if you’re staying home and going to bed early because, if you’re an introvert and you get to stay in on New Year’s eve, you really have something to celebrate.

We’ve called our first New Year’s celebration look Bardot Black. The bardot top gets its name from actress Brigitte Bardot, who  re-popularized the off-the-shoulder trend in the 1960’s, though off-the-shoulder had been a fashion style for some time.

Brigitte Bardot - Photo Credit: Hulton Archive - - 3207400.Always Uttori New Year | Bardot Black.
Brigitte Bardot – Photo Credit: Hulton Archive – – 3207400

Our off-the-shoulder dress adds ruched sleeves, which helps to create an hour-glass shape for those of us who don’t have all the curves needed (It can also make you look like you have Herculean arms). As New Year’s fashions go, it is simple over shiny, and elegant over ostentatious. Nevertheless, it’s perfect if you have great collar bones; plus, you can add a touch of spice to the look by adding bold jewelry. So, pull out your bardot dress and ring in the new year with style.