Buy or DIY: Chocolate Face Mask

Buy or DIY: Chocolate Face Mask |

Now that Valentine’s day is over, you may be wondering what to do with all that chocolate you got from your coterie of admirers. No worries. Instead of gorging on and gaining weight with that 85% cacao chocolate, you can use it as a face mask to level up your skincare, ensuring double the admirers and even more free chocolate next year!

Valentine’s Day in: Introvert Love Movies


Did you know that more than half of people looking for an awesome Valentine’s Day experience choose to stay home to Netflix and Chill rather than dressing up and going out? Maybe introverts are just more likely to respond to survey questions, but regardless, if you’re looking for a great movie to watch this Valentine’s day, we’ve got a few suggestions. While most lists cover the latest rom-com, we’ve tried to find movies where the introvert character is front and center. Also, not all of the suggestions on this list are actually movies (some are Korean dramas), but all feature an introvert on a journey to finding love.

Introvert Love: Loving the INTJ girl + Date Night Look 4

Introvert Love: Loving the INTJ girl + Date Night Look 4 Loving the INTJ Female We’ve been talking about the individual components that make up the INTJ female: guarded, independent, paradoxical, and committed. While we can talk about all of these traits individually, it’s the sum of these traits that make up the INTJ female….

Always Uttori: An INTJ Guide to the Hottest Guys on Instagram, Week 4

I spent Valentine’s Day completely forgetting that it was Valentine’s Day. You know what I call that? Best. Valentine’s. Day. EVER! You know why I didn’t care that I was not part to a parcel? Simple. The Always Uttori Stag Club. Not only have I enjoyed introducing them to our readers, I’ve also enjoyed getting…