Spring Passion: The Victorian Punk

It’s time to punk-if-y Monday’s dark Victorian romance look. The great thing about punk fashion is that there are so many iterations of it, which lends itself well to customizing punk style to your personal aesthetics. While Victorian style + punk may bring to mind steampunk, if you don't place too much focus on incorporating [...]

Spring Fashion: Prepping for Punk

Spring Fashion: Prepping for Punk "Punk has always been about doing things your own way. What it represents for me is ultimate freedom and a sense of individuality." ~Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day It’s a new month and a new fashion theme. This month, we will be highlighting the contrast between romance and punk fashion. [...]

Anti-Romance Fashion: Girl Warrior

ANTI-ROMANCE FASHION: GIRL WARRIOR We are coming to an end to our February "love" fest, so I thought that the final anti-romance fashion, girl warrior, should reflect INTJ girl power. The INTJ female fashion sense is equal parts edgy and quirky, with a big dose of bad ass; but then, we are masterminds. In our [...]

The INTJ and Romance: Loving the Guarded Girl

One of the most popular searches on the Always Uttori website is about INTJs and romance. This has been the case for some time now. When I see these searches, I can't help but wonder if the person searching is masochistic, or just very brave. You want to fall in love with an uber rational? [...]

Introvert Life – Work Out Style, 2017 Fitness Look 4

Our Introvert Life - Work Out Style, 2017 Fitness Look 4 embodies the ethos of : Be strong. Be fierce. Perhaps this look is a little extravagant for a serious workout (I recently saw an activewear outfit that stated: Ain't No Chic in Fit), but if you’re looking for the spirit of fit fashion, this [...]

Introvert Life – Workout Style, 2017 Fitness Look 3

Introvert Life - Workout Style, 2017 Fitness Look 3 This fit fashion look was a bit of a challenge to style, not because of the outfit itself, but because I couldn't decide which fit fashion jacket to wear. Originally, the choice was about which jacket would complete the look, but the weather on the day [...]