• INTJ nightmare Before Christmas Poster. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. Alwaysuttori.com

    Jack Skellington Subtleween Costume

    Just a reminder, the Always Uttori Subtleween Contest goes through October 31, 2016. The rules are simple. Become a subscriber, or Follow Us on Instagram, and share your Subtleween costume for a chance to win $100.00 Amazon gift card. Something’s Wrong with Jack Skellington This is Subtleween. This is Subtleween, subtleween, subtleween, subtleween, subtleween. . . On this blog, we call home, everyone hail to the Subtleween song. (Sing in your head to the tune of This is Halloween. Or, you know, don’t. I’m aware that I’m being geekily obnoxious at the moment). Today’s Subtleween look is Jack Skellington. The Nightmare before Christmas is one of my favorite movies. Perhaps it appeals…

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  • Always Uttori Subtleween Costume 3: Black Widow.

    Black Widow (Natasha Romanova)

    It’s week 2 of Subtleween! For those who have been paying attention, my outfit may be familiar since we used some of these images for promoting the Subtleween contest. Even so, I hope you enjoy Marvel’s Black Widow look. Natasha Romanova, a former Russian Spy under the Black Widow program, is a character that speaks to the INTJ female. She’s tough, intelligent, athletic, and wears all black. And while she’s not an INTJ, her character’s typology of ISTP shares enough traits, (Ni and Se) for the INTJ to understand and and identify with, while her differing cognitive functions (Ti and Fe) make her intriguing and admirable. I’m more familiar with…

  • Stormtrooper

    Back at it with another 2016 Subtleween look. Okay, calling this one subtle may be forcing it a little (see what I did there? Using the word force as a gerund. Ha, ha, I crack myself up sometimes). Fur boots aren’t exactly subtle, but I haven’t seen a Storm-trooper wear any, so I think we can safely say that this look is not costume. And, we may even be in the realm of subtly fashionable. Maybe? Before any die-hard Star Wars fans start a riot, yes, my helmet is technically clone trooper gear, not Storm trooper; but, I had to make do with what I had. Besides, their costumes are made…

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  • Olivia Pope: Always Uttori Subtleween Costume

    Happy Monday, October 3. Today, we’re kicking off our first ever Subtleween contest with the ultimate power broker costume —  Olivia Pope, from the American TV show, Scandal. Olivia, played by the phenomenal Kerry Washington, is one classy dresser and, as a fixer for the powerful and elite in Washington, D.C., she dresses both to impress and to display an image of power. The fashion on Scandal is so strong and authoritative, that in September of 2014, retailer, The Limited, launched an Olivia Pope inspired fashion line. For those who like to type characters, Olivia isn’t an INTJ. She is most likely an ESTJ; however, her dominant use of extroverted…

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  • Subtleween Contest Announcement and Rules

    Hi, Uttori Dangels. Happy October! Earlier this week, I mentioned that there would be some changes to the blog come October, so as it is the 1st, get ready for some fun! First, what is Subtleween? Subtleween {suhtˈl-ween] | Origin: 2016, Always Uttori Adjective; noun A holiday celebrated by INTJs that encourages expressing the richness of the Ni in a subtle and fashionable way. The INTJ way of cleverly and, indirectly, celebrating Halloween. The contest where one creative Uttori Dangel will win a $100 Amazon gift card by sharing their Subtleween style. Do you ever find yourself so inspired by a  fantasy world, as expressed in a story or movie,…

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  • Slay The Books Look: Classic Prep

    Slay-the-Books Look #5, Teacher’s Pet

    Well, we’re getting to the end of September, so this our final Slay-the-Books Look. What’s this STB look about? It’s the Teacher’s Pet style. Okay, to be honest, I was never a teacher’s pet. I was too quiet, more of the type of student who was just part of the scenery. Still, I can appreciate that, even though the teacher’s pet can get a bad rap, having the teacher cut you some slack can go a long way. Although we hate stereotypes around here, there is a bit of logic in a classic prep look for your teacher’s pet style. Besides, teacher’s pet, or not, you just can’t beat classic…

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