Spring Transition Fashion: Gothic Punk

Spring Transition Fashion: Gothic Punk Fashion seems to want the advent of spring to be light, airy, and flowery. Heck, I'd like that too, but that's a false spring. There's a reason for the old Farmer's Almanac saying: March roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  The transition to spring, for [...]

5 Famous INTJ Women Who Inspire

5 famous INTJ Women Who Inspire In honor of Women’s History month, today we are talking famous INTJ women. There are plenty of lists on the internet of famous INTJs and, while it can be hard to type historical and/or public people without them confirming their type, my selections for this list are women who [...]

Why Being an INTJ Female is Great

Why being an INTJ Female is Great(edited) Though it may take a bit of time, we always try to answer questions that we get on the website. Sometimes those questions come in the form of searches. One of the more recent site searches went something like: Why Don't People Like INTJ  Females? Hmmm.  For me, [...]

Spring Transition Fashion: Bella Gothica

Spring Transition Fashion: Bella Gothica   Happy First Day of Spring 2017! Gothic Romance fashion doesn’t scream spring, but, in the INTJ fashion style book, black is an any season color, besides, the flower pattern in the lace adds a subtle nod to greener days ahead (I've still got ice on my pond). Moreover, we [...]

Introvert Life: Spring Staycation

It's spring and wanderlust is in the air, but a serious case of spring blues can crop up if you don’t have any travel plans of your own. Instead of looking mournfully through your friend’s vacation photos, why not plan your very own stay-at-home, don't even go to the mall vacation, or "staycation?" Yes, I [...]

New Punk Style: Girly Punk

New Punk Style: Girly Punk Welcome to a new age, and a new punk. We're continuing to contrast romantic and punk spring transition fashion with today’s Girly Punk look. In comparison to the romantic look from Monday, this girl punk look is light, bright, and flirty, it's not your typical punk. Typically, punk is supposed [...]