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5 INTJ Love Questions Answered

In 2 a.m. Thoughts, INTJ, THINKstyle by Always Uttori

The month of love is at its end, but the topics revolving around INTJ and love/relationships are endless. To say goodbye to February, I’ve taken 5 questions that I’ve been asked about INTJs and love, and tried to shed some light on the complexities of the INTJ mind. Let’s get into it… 5 Questions about INTJs and Love what can …

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Introvert Love: Loving the INTJ girl + Date Night Look 4

In Aspire, FASHstyle, Valentine's Day by Always Uttori

Loving the INTJ Female We’ve been talking about the individual components that make up the INTJ female: guarded, independent, paradoxical, and committed. While we can talk about all of these traits individually, it’s the sum of these traits that make up the INTJ female. To truly know and love the INTJ female, you must love and understand all these parts …

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Always Uttori: An INTJ Guide to the Hottest Guys on Instagram, Week 4

In Beauty, Entertainment, Uttori, Valentine's Day by Always Uttori

I spent Valentine’s Day completely forgetting that it was Valentine’s Day. You know what I call that? Best. Valentine’s. Day. EVER! You know why I didn’t care that I was not part to a parcel? Simple. The Always Uttori Stag Club. Not only have I enjoyed introducing them to our readers, I’ve also enjoyed getting to know a bit more …

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Anti-Romance Fashion: Girl Warrior

In Cozy Couture, FASHstyle, Outfit of the Day, Valentine's Day by Always Uttori

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It. We are coming to an end to our February “love” fest, so I thought that the final anti-romance fashion, girl warrior, should reflect INTJ girl power. The INTJ female fashion sense is equal parts edgy and quirky, with a big dose of bad ass; but then, we are masterminds. …

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Introvert Love: Love Online and Other Tales of 21st Century Mate-finding (Negatives)

In 2 a.m. Thoughts, INTJ, Stories, THINKstyle, Uttori by Always Uttori

Now that we’ve covered the positives of online dating, it’s time to get into the negatives. If you missed yesterday’s article, catch up here. Looking at my own recent experience in marathon dating, let’s just be honest: Modern day mate finding is not for the faint of heart. With the average age rising for people in first time marriages, online …

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Introvert Love: Love Online and Other Tales of 21st Century Mate-finding: The Positives

In 2 a.m. Thoughts, Entertainment, Holidays, INTJ, Myers-Briggs, Stories, THINKstyle, Uttori, Valentine's Day by Always Uttori

Photo Credit: Betsie Van de Meer – 134433380. Not so long ago, an INTJ female was given a gift. While the fairy godmother thought it was a kind and helpful gift –  4 months paid for an online dating service in honor of the INTJ’s coming birthday – what followed was a harrowing tale of slogging through photos and …