Introvert Life – New Year’s Fashion Look 5

As this year draws to a close, I offer up my introvert fashionista prayer for 2017: May my opportunities be many, my mind sharp, and my clothes be a reflection of a bright and active inner life. INTJs tend to be low-key in their fashion choices; however, when we celebrate we go all out. Ring [...]

Introvert and INTJ Fashion Inspiration for 2017

Introvert and INTJ Fashion Inspiration for 2017 Looking for some Introvert/INTJ fashion inspo for 2017? The following five designers have you covered for your INTJ and Introvert needs. Absorb the inspiration. Iceberg Iceberg, the Italian design house well known for knits and sportswear, has a fun comic inspired collection for fall 2017. The designs are [...]

Part 2: Surviving Two INTJ kids: Please, Someone Help Us! Sincerely, AN INFJ and An (E/I) NTP Parent

Last week, I interviewed my INFJ mom on her thoughts about raising 2 INTJ kids. This week, the spotlight is on my E/I NTP dad, which is, incidentally, just the way he likes it. As a quick side note, my dad is an ambivert, which means that some days he is more introverted; and other days [...]

Introvert Life – New Year’s Fashion Look 5

I hope everyone had a great Christmas (if you celebrate it). Today’s New Year's Eve look calls back to the glamor of old Hollywood. The main inspiration was from Burberry’s Winter 2017 fashion show. Burberry highlighted dark colors, metallics, wools, and heavy patterns and textures. I tried to recreate this look, with clothes I already [...]

Introvert Life – New Year’s Fashion Look 4

Introvert Life - New Year's Fashion Look 4 Today’s New Year’s Eve look screams, "Happy New Year!" The unapologetically tomboyish oversized jersey gives the dress an athletic, cool vibe, which makes it perfect for INTJs. Oh, and it's comfortable enough that you can actually eat a meal and toast the holidays without worrying about ruining [...]

5 Last Minute Christmas Gifts from Pinterest

Christmas is this Sunday! Which means it’s now or never to get last minutes gifts. But as an introvert, who really wants to jump into the fray with loads of others finishing up their holiday shopping? These quick and easy gifts have you covered. Fruit Wreath All you need is your fruit of choice and [...]