Why Shopping at Sephora Makes me Want to Cry: Part 3

If you missed the first and second part of this three-part series, be sure to check those out here and here. Today we will complete our case study of Sephora by discussing how the extroverted thinking plays into the overall shopping experience at Sephora. Why is Shopping at Sephora Difficult for the Extroverted Thinker? Extroverted [...]

Male vs Female INTJ: Part 1

This blog often focuses on the commonalities that occur in the INTJ cognition style. However, after analyzing the traits that I share with my INTJ sibling in The Joys and Tribulations of Being INTJ Siblings series, I couldn’t help but wonder if some of the differences in the ways that we express our cognition style are due to [...]

Fairy-ish: Expressing the INTJ’s Introverted Intuition Aspect

Today’s ASPIRE look represents something that is near and dear to me. As an INTJ and dominate introverted intuition user, expressing my creative inner life can be difficult. Because I am an introvert, and my dominant function is also introverted, I interact with the world through my extroverted thinking function. This can be frustrating at [...]

Fancy PJs: The Fashion Trend INTJs and Other Connoisseurs of Comfort Can Get Behind

Fancy PJs: The Fashion Trend INTJs and Other Connoisseurs of Comfort Can Get Behind INTJ girls don’t necessarily keep up with the latest fashion trends (too many world problems to solve), but as your INTJ fashion liaison, I’m here to tell you there is a trend that we can all get behind. Yep. Fancy PJs: [...]

Femme Dangel – INTJ Female

INTJ females have been told all kinds of crazy, but perhaps the craziest crazy they are told is that, because they're rational, due to the extroverted thinking aspect of their cognition style, it somehow makes them masculine. What the what??? As a proud INTJ femme, I would have to, rationally, point out that rationality itself [...]

Why Shopping at Sephora Makes Me Want to Cry: Part 2

Last week, I started a deep analysis as to why Sephora’s retail atmosphere makes me, as an INTJ, want to run from the store screaming.  If you missed Part One, check it out here. I’ll be honest, this was meant to be a one-off article; but I got carried away and this has turned into yet another [...]