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An INTJ’s Top 5 Favorite Korean Dramas

In Culture, Entertainment, INTJ, THINKstyle, Uttori by Always Uttori

An INTJ’s Top 5 Favorite Korean Dramas So, you already know the 10 reasons I love Korean dramas, but what are some of the dramas, I as an INTJ, like? If you’re really into K-dramas, chances are you’ve seen at least one of the dramas listed here.  Even if you’ve seen them before, hopefully, you can still enjoy revisiting some …

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Lady in the Red Knitted Dove Cardigan

In Alternate Universe, FASHstyle by Always Uttori

This outfit is about the cardigan. The jewels do all the talking so you don’t have to. This look is classic INTJ . What’s INTJ about it? It’s nothing more than a white tee-shirt with white shorts. It’s basic. Simple. Simple. Simple. The red cardigan pulls it all together and provides a hint of polish. Oh, and can’t forget the shoes. Tartan has been …

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The Elusive Fashion Habits of the INTJ Female: Part 3

In Cognitive Branding, INTJ, THINKstyle by Always Uttori

Welcome to the final installment of our Elusive Fashion Habits of the INTJ Female series. If you missed Part 1: What an INTJ looks for in Her Fashion, or Part 2: INTJ Shopping Habits, be sure to check them out. In this, our final installment, we cover the topic of what happens in INTJ cognition AFTER a purchase has been made and how INTJs …

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INTJ Music Playlist #1: INTJ Female and Proud

In 2 a.m. Thoughts, Entertainment, INTJ, THINKstyle, Uttori by Always Uttori

Who’s ready for some music?! I’m sharing some of my favorite music that gets my INTJ-cognition jamming. With apologies to the late Mr. James Brown, Say it loud, INTJ female and proud! You can access this playlist here on YouTube, or scroll down to jam out! Oh No, Marina and the Diamonds I am a big fan of Marina and …

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Blue Jean Summer

In FASHstyle, Outfit of the Day by Always Uttori

I’ve said it before. We don’t get enough summer in Minnesota, which is a real shame. I love the heat (probably more than native Minnesotans, as I was born in Texas).  So, when it’s nice out, I’ve got to soak it up. In the above photo, the Vero Moda shirt, which I got from Mod Cloth, is airy and cool.  I …

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It’s All About the Kimichi – Always Uttori Book Review

In Food, Uttori by Always Uttori

The Kimchi Cookbook Kimchi. It’s having a moment here in America, but in Korea, it’s a beloved dish that has been a part of daily life in the country for thousands of years, having been first mentioned in The Chapter of Dongyi, in the Book of Wei, the Record of the Three Kingdoms, along with its primary flavoring spice, gochugaru. In its …